Building the Future for Circular Munich

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Circular Munich is a community of Citizens Politics and Businesses, enabling the transition towards a circular city.

Circular Munich is a collaborative hub:


Our events bring together
engaged Munich citizens to jointly learn and create a circular city.


We connect active Circular Economy players in Munich and
enable collaboration in the community.


We walk the talk, by initiating Circular Economy projects and collaborations in Munich.

Why should Munich become circular?

We believe that Munich has everything it needs to pioneer a self-sustaining system: A city where all economic activity creates wellbeing for our community and our planet. We can make it happen by applying 3 principles within our city:

50% of global waste created within cities.

There is a lot of waste in our city. And yes, we can re-think the way we’re dealing with waste, making sure that all waste is-reused or re-cycled in some way.

1. Principle: We need to design waste out of the system.

70% emissions produced within cities.

Long we’ve been manufacturing products for a single lifetime. Let’s re-think that: How can we share, reuse, refurbish and
repair products, all while fostering our community and removing waste?

2. Principle: We need to keep products & materials in use.

75% of natural resources tied in cities.

Overuse and exploitation threatens the essential living
systems that we all depend on. Now, we need to find new ways to protect and regenerate our home.

3. Principle: We need to regenerate our natural systems.

Next Meetup: To be Announced Soon

Join us in our regular Meetups and create the future of Munich as a circular city. Together we can make it happen.

Mapping Circularity
in Munich

Our Ecosystem Map displays circular pioneers and role model organisations, which are bringing circular economy to life in Munich and driving the circular city transformation. Our goal is to visualize Munich’s ecosystem, connect active changemakers and inspire joint circular projects.

How it works!


Openly communicate circular economy leadership and embed circular principles in business.


Continuously and currently actively promote and drive circular economy through their core business.


Engage in circular economy initiatives beyond core business (i.e. organize educational workshops, participate in campaigns and events).


Have a strong connection to Munich (are located and/or originated in Munich).

Anymore to add?

Do you know great actors in Munich, who are not yet shown on our map? Are you a circular changemaker yourself and want to connect with a like-minded community? We are excited to hear from you!

Building the
Future for
Circular Munich.

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